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Getting Started Checklist

7 Steps to Starting Your Shop

To get started with your new shop, you should first set up the basics. We recommend doing this BEFORE creating products. Start by going to your Shop Setting in the Seller Dashboard

> Click on the Shop Settings Tab

Shop Settings Tabs

Step 1: About


Step 2: Appearance

The Banner and Logo will look like the below in your shop:

You can update your shop images in the "Appearance" section of your seller dashboard:

Step  3: Social Media

Enter the full URL of Social Media links (including https://) so your customers can follow you!

Step  4: Payments

This might be the MOST important thing! Make sure to connect your Stripe Account so that you can get paid! Follow instructions to connect Stripe here: http://help.goimagine.com/articles/51318-connecting-to-stripe


Step  5: Shipping

If you would like to receive a text message when new orders come in you will need to enter your mobile phone number and consent to receiving text messages. 

See how here: https://help.goimagine.com/articles/121029-receive-text-sms-order-alerts

Step  6: Shipping

Your shop automatically has Real-Time USPS Ground Advantage and Priority Shipping set-up. So most sellers don't need to do anything to set up their shipping. The only thing you need to do is make sure to enter the weight of your products when creating products. This will ensure the proper shipping rate is calculated and charged to the customer.

If you would like to create your own custom shipping methods like a Flat Rate or Tiered Rate shipping based on price, quantity or weight you can learn more about setting custom shipping methods here: https://help.goimagine.com/categories/12972-shipping

Step  7: Shop Policies

This is where you enter your terms & conditions. Do you accept returns? If so, what are the stipulations? How long does it take to process orders? Any special care instructions? Anything else the buyer should know when purchasing your products? 

Things to consider:

Now that you have the basics completed for your shop it's time consider the following:

Then, customize your private website with MOSAIC!

Learn more about MOSAIC: https://www.goimagine.com/mosaic/

If you have any questions or need help getting set up please don't be a stranger. Email us with questions at support@goimagine.com