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Uploading Photos /Images to Products

Supported formats to upload photos into goimagine are JPEG, GIF, and PNG. 

Thumbnails for these images will be generated automatically. One of the uploaded images will appear larger than the others. The larger image will be the main product image that is displayed on the product list and on the product details page by default. To change the main image, simply drag and drop another image in its place. You can also change the order of additional images the same way.

If you hover over an image, you’ll be able to view the full-sized image, delete it, or edit its alt text. This text will be shown when the image is missing or cannot be displayed. It is a good practice to have an alternative text associated with the image, for SEO purposes.

PRODUCT SIZE RECOMMENDATION: We recommend product images be at least 1000 x 800 pixels. The size limit for product imagines is 5 MB - Please refer to our Image Guidelines for complete details.

If needed you may need to make your photos/images smaller to be uploaded into goimagine. There are many websites that will compress your images for free. One we have seen work well is www.tinypng.com