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September 2021

September 2021 Release Notes

The goimagine team is excited to announce some of our Septembet 2021 upgrades. This release contains feature updates, enhancements and bug fixes focused on providing a better experience to our sellers and buyers.

Below is a highlighted list of features you will soon see appearing in goimagine. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@goimagine.com 

Image Rotation

When uploading photos there is now the capability to rotate the image. If it gets uploaded sideways or needs to be adjusted you can rotate it by hovering over the image and clicking the rotate icon.

Image Cropper Updated

The function for cropping images has been updated. The first image is now auto-cropped in the thumbnails when seen in categories and search, but the full image is shown when opening the product.

MOSAIC Settings Moved

To make navigation slightly easier we have moved the MOSAIC Settings separate from the Shop Settings Tab.

Featured Products Moved

We have moved the "Featured Products" Tab from the Shop Settings to under the Products Tab.

MOSAIC - Horizontal Menu Now Available!

MOSAIC website owners now have the choice of making their categories menu to be the "Hamburger/Vertical" style (which it is now) or change it to "Horizontal" (like how goimagine does it). This change only happens on Desktop View.