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Local Pickup Option

Setting up Local Pickup

Many makers like to offer "Local Pickup" for customers that live near them. While goimagine doesn't formally have this feature (we will be adding it in the future) there is a way to accommodate it now by doing the following.

NOTE: This doesn't stop someone from choosing this option if they need delivery, but it makes it very obvious the "shipping" choice is not for them

DISCLAIMER: goimagine is not liable for anything that may happen off of our platform.

1) Create a MANUAL Shipping Method with the below details:

(If you need to learn how to create shipping methods go here: https://help.goimagine.com/articles/51323-manualflat-price-shipping-setup-video


2) Set Shipping Charges to $0

So, the Shipping Rates should look like this:

CONGRATS! Your products will now show the below shipping method at checkout.