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MOSAIC Custom Banners

With MOSAIC you have the ability to personalize your shop with custom banners. 

To get inspired with some ideas checkout the goimagine Test Shop here: www.fanseanansea.com 

To get started below are recommendations to help you with creating banners for your website.

We recommend using Adobe Express to inexpensively (or Free!) make professional looking images for your website: https://www.adobe.com/express/

Primary Banners:

With a MOSAIC shop, you have the ability to upload both mobile and desktop versions of your primary banners. This allows your top banner to look good both on a horizontal and vertical screens.

Your images should be saved as a .png or .jpg. All files must be under 5mb to upload. We recommend all images be saved at 72 ppi.

The recommended sizes are below for each.

You can customize this section even further by adding additional primary banners and it will automatically create a "carousel" at the top. 

The banners will scroll at the top and are clickable, so you can direct customers to different areas in your shop. Please note the additional banners are OPTIONAL. If you choose not to use them, your header will remain static. Here are a few examples of what you can use the banners for:

We suggest not using the top scrolling banners for anything that would lead customers off of your site (such as social media). Since this is the first thing they see when they land on your page, it's best to keep them there longer. You can utilize the "promo banners" at the bottom for these needs.

Promo Banners:

This section appears directly below your featured products and has been designed to be flexible. Get creative and try a few sizes to see what you like best. The minimum size for the full width banner is 1600px wide. If you upload a smaller banner, it will not stretch to fill the space on some desktop displays. 

Here are a few size recommendations that work well.

Promo Banner Suggested Uses:

You may choose to use the different banners all at once, or for different purposes throughout the year. Here are a few idea on what to link to: