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May 2021

MAY 2021 Release Notes

The goimagine team is excited to announce some of our May 2021 upgrades. This release contains feature updates, enhancements and bug fixes focused on providing a better experience to our sellers and buyers.

Below is a highlighted list of features you will soon see appearing in goimagine. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email us at info@goimagine.com 

Image Cropper

Moving forward the first image of every product will automatically crop to a 5x4 Ratio. This is to ensure the consistency of product image sizes in categories and search for a better buyer experience. With this automatic crop, makers will have the ability to choose which section of the primary image they would like to crop to a 5x4 ratio.

Along with the 5x4 automatic crop of the first product image there is now the ability to crop ANY product photos. The non-primary photos can be cropped in any ratio the maker likes since they only appear when the buyer is on the product page.

MOSAIC Header Update

The header for MOSAIC shops has been updated to show the maker's logo in the center of the page and re-arrange the menu icons to be more modern.

Mobile Menu Update

The website menu for mobile phones has been updated to be more modern with a left-side menu.

Facebook Pixel Integration!

Maker Shop's now have the ability to integrate with their Facebook Shop by using the Facebook Pixel. To learn more below are help articles:

Automatic SKU # (Product Code)

Within each product in goimagine there is a field for SKU #. This is an optional field for sellers to use when they have specific SKU numbers for each product. This is also a REQUIRED field when doing an import of products from Etsy and other systems. The purpose for this field is so sellers can batch update products via spreadsheets by having the system match the update by the unique code since product names aren't necessarily unique.

Moving forward every product will automatically have a SKU # created if none is entered. This can also be manually added/edited by the seller. By doing this sellers will no longer have to create product codes simply to do a product import.

Bug Fix: MOSAIC Shopping Cart 

The hyperlinks in the MOSAIC shopping cart now point back to the MOSAIC sub-domain. Previously the links would direct the user back into the full marketplace.