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SEO - Page Titles and Meta Descriptions

It's important to know that Google and other search engines are always changing their algorithms. So, there's no guarantee your products will appear in search or display as you have written them. Using the Page Title & Meta Description fields provide information to search engines to better rank and understand your products.

PRODUCT SEO: Page Title & Meta Description

Within goimagine makers have the ability to define the SEO Page Titles and Meta Descriptions of your products. This is the information search engines, like Google, "crawl" to display search results. This is also the information people see in the search results.

Below is where you see the Page Title and Meta Descriptions in Google.

NOTE: It is NOT REQUIRED to complete the SEO Meta Information on your products in goimagine. If you don't complete this information the system will automatically use your Product Name and Product Description for the Meta data. Although, you should know of two things:

1) If you don't create an SEO "Page Title" in your product listing the generic title will be used in search engines and this will include the goimagine category information.

2) Search Engines only display and crawl the first 155 Characters. Which means after 160 characters the Meta Description doesn't have any value. Also, after 155 characters the descriptions ends in "..." so people searching won't see it.


1) Make the description "Human Readable". Search engines are smart enough now to notice keyword stuffing. So, having a description that says "Wreath, Christmas, Holiday, Snowmen, BUY NOW!" will actually hurt your chances of getting seen. Instead, the description should be "Beautiful handmade Christmas Wreath with Snowmen. Perfect for your holiday celebration."

2) The Meta Description should be no longer than 155 Characters

To edit the SEO Information on your products go to the SEO Tab in your product setup page: