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Featured Products


In your goimagine shop you can selected which "Featured Products" appear at the top of the homepage

RECCOMENDATION: We recommend featuring SIX or TWELVE products on your homepage. The reason for this is because on a Desktop the website shows 3 products per row and on a Smartphone is shows 2 products per row. By featuring 6 or 12 products it ensures each row is full without any blank spaces on your homepage. 

To set the "Featured Products do the following:

1) Go to your Seller Account Setup (where you originally setup your Banners, Logos, Terms, etc.)

2) Choose the "Featured Products" Tab

3) To add products to the Featured Products section click the "+ Add products" Button. Then search and add the product you want featured on your homepage.

4) To change the order in which the products appear on your homepage you can assign them by Order # and click "Save"