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Featured Products


In your goimagine shop and MOSAIC shop you can selected which "Featured Products" appear on your homepage.

RECOMMENDATION: We recommend featuring SIX, TWELVE, EIGHTEEN or TWENTY FOUR  products on your homepage. The reason for this is because on a Desktop the website shows 3 products per row and on a Mobile Phone is shows 2 products per row. By featuring a multiple of 6 products it ensures each row is full without any blank spaces on your homepage. 

To set the "Featured Products" do the following:

1) Click on "Products" and then click on "Featured Products"

2) To add products to the Featured Products section click the "+ Add Featured Product" Button. Then search and add the product you want featured on your homepage. NOTE: You can multi-select multiple products at once by highlighting them.

3) To change the order in which the products appear on your homepage you can "Drag & Drop" them in the order you want.