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Google Shopping Optimization

Important: If you want to be found in Google Shopping...do this.

It's very important to ensure your products are optimized in a way that Google will find and return them in Google Shopping search results. Below are some of the best practices you should focus on when creating your products in goimagine.

Product Primary Category

In goimagine you are able to assign your products to up to two categories...but the FIRST category is the most important. This is the primary categorization for your product and what Google will reference for your product type. So, make sure the category that is the best fit for your product is chosen first. 

Free Shipping Recommendation

It is HIGHLY recommended that if it makes sense for your products that you offer Free Shipping. While goimagine will NEVER enforce a Free Shipping rule or give preference to sellers offering Free Shipping in our marketplace the reality is outside websites we post on like Google do rank things higher with Free Shipping. The Google algorithm gives preference to products that offer Free Shipping not only because buyers often prefer Free Shipping, but because the price represents the total cost to purchase. This stops people from getting drawn in by a low price only to find out the seller is charging a high shipping rate. 

We understand many products are unable to have Free Shipping (especially heavy products). So, don't stress over it if you simply can't do it since odds our your 'competitors' can't either. That said, for light weight items it often makes sense to offer Free Shipping to keep competitive.

Product Name

Good Title: Women's Gold Heart Necklace with Diamond

Bad Title: *FREE SHIPPING* Women's Gold Heart Necklace - Anniversary Gift - Love This!   

Product Main Image

Good Image:

Bad Image: 

Product Description

Description Best practices

These best practices can help you go beyond the basic requirements to optimize your product data for performance.

Be specific and accurate. The more specific you are in your description, the easier it is for users to identify the product they are searching for. Include your product’s most relevant features and visual attributes.Examples of types of information to include: