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Make it your Website! (Connect your own domain)

Make your goimagine shop your own website!

Your goimagine store is all about YOU. Which means you can (and should) brand it with your own banners, logos and descriptions.

Another great way to brand yourself is to have a custom website domain name. By default your store will have it's own URL that looks something like goimagine.com/yourstorename, but if you want to take things to the next level you can purchase your own website name and have it point to your goimagine store. This is a cheap and easy way to have your own website address without having to manage your own website!

Example: www.yourstorename.com >goes to> www.goimagine.com/yourstorename 

Two Notes:

1) When forwarding your domain do NOT choose "masking" when forwarding. This will interrupt the ability for buyers to complete a purchase.

2) You can also change the URL address to your goimagine store any time by going to the Default Settings in your Seller Account.

If you want your own website name one of the most popular places is Godaddy (www.godaddy.com) where you can buy your own website name for as little as $12 PER YEAR. (Note: You are not buying or building a website. You just need to purchase the domain name and have it forward people to your goimagine website link)

After purchasing your domain it's simple to point it to your goimagine Store URL. If you would like to set-up your domain forwarding yourself through go daddy here's a simple video on how to do it. Just be sure to put your goimagine website address in the 'somewhere else' field when choosing where to forward your domain!

We are more than happy to answer question on this. Just email us at info@goimagine.com if you need help forwarding your website address.