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Get a Custom Domain

Give your goimagine shop it's own domain!

Your goimagine store is all about YOU. Which means you can (and should) brand it with your own banners, logos and descriptions.

Another great way to brand yourself is to have a custom website domain name. By default your store will have it's own URL that looks something like goimagine.com/yourshop or yourshop.goimagine.com, but if you want to take things to the next level you can purchase your own website name and have it point to your goimagine store. 

Example: www.myshop.com forwards to myshop.goimagine.com

Now you can buy a domain with goimagine!

If you want your own website domain you can purchase one through goimagine's domain center here: goimaginedomains.com

You of course can certainly purchase your domain from a number of other places to use with goimagine as well, but when purchasing a domain through goimagine it gives our support team the ability to help configure it to your goimagine shop for you.


We are more than happy to answer questions. Just email us at info@goimagine.com if you need help.