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Shipping Method Fields & Properties

Shipping methods can be created and edited by going to Administration > Shipping > Shipping Methods

All shipping methods can be split into one of two groups, depending on how the rates are calculated:


You can upload an icon from your computer, find it on the server, or provide a URL to the image. Make sure to enter the alternative text that’ll appear when the icon is missing or can’t be displayed. 

Images must be of one of the following formats only: JPEG, GIF, PNG. The maximum size of an uploaded image depends on your server configuration. As a rule, it should not exceed 2 MB.

Carrier-specific settings are defined in the Configure tab.


This tab appears only if you have selected real time rate calculation on the General tab. It means that the rates will be requested from a third-party service depending on the order data when a customer proceeds to checkout.

Here you should specify your personal settings of the selected real-time shipping service. 

For USPS Real-Time Shipping you may use goimagine's User ID in the CONFIGURE tab which is: 754GOIMA4865

Shipping Charges

If you use a manual shipping method, make sure to add at least one shipping charge for each rate area where you want it to be available. Otherwise the shipping method won’t appear to customers at checkout.

The rates that you define here are used to calculate the shipping cost, regardless of whether you use real-time shipping rate estimation or not.

If you receive rates from a shipping service provider in real time, the charges from this section will be simply added to the received rates. You can use this to compensate for your actual expenses if they exceed the values returned by the carrier (e.g., packing, insurance, etc.). These could be considered handling fees.

The rates can depend on the product cost, weight or quantity, and on customer’s rate area. Once you’re done specifying the rates, click Save.

A (+) next to the rate area name means that you have specified the rates, and the shipping method will be available to the customers who specified the address matching that rate area.

If you want to make a manual shipping method free, you still need to add at least one shipping charge for the desired rate area, or the shipping method won’t appear at checkout. You can set it up as described below.

Products cost

Rate value


More than $0.00


Absolute ($)

More than $1.00


Absolute ($)