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Connecting to Stripe Payments

Goimagine requires that all makers accept payments through the Stripe payment processor (https://stripe.com/). Stripe is similar to other payment processors like Paypal where they securely take online payments and send them directly to the maker's bank account. Stripe charges a 2.9% + 30 cents fee for processing payments online. Currently, companies like Target, Amazon, Uber, Google, Peloton, Wayfair, Instacart and thousands of other online companies trust Stripe for their online payment transactions.

NOTE: The reason goimagine requires all sellers to use Stripe is for the same reason Etsy requires Etsy Payments (which is actually Adyen). If a buyer is checking out from multiple shops at once there needs to be one common payment platform everyone is using. Otherwise, if one seller only accepted Stripe and the other seller only accepted PayPal then the buyer would have a more difficult experience trying to make a purchase from both shops at once.

Stripe Setup Instructions:

  1. If you don't have a Stripe Account already you can sign up for one here: https://dashboard.stripe.com/register
  2. Open the Seller Dashboard and go to Shop Settings → Integrations (previously called "payments").
  3. Scroll down the General Tab to the Stripe Connect section and click the Connect with Stripe. This will take you to the Stripe page where you’ll be able to register an account or connect an existing account.