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Product Fields & Properties

When you create or edit a product, you should specify the following product fields and properties. For convenience, they are grouped by tabs on the product editing page.


            For instance, do NOT put a baby lotion in the "Children & Babies" section of the CLOTHING Category. While both say Baby and Child these are DIFFERENT parent categories. 

One of the uploaded images will appear larger than the others. That’s the main product image that is displayed on the product list and on the product details page by default. To change the main image, simply drag and drop another image in its place. You can also change the order of additional images the same way.

If you hover over an image, you’ll be able to view the full-sized image, delete it, or edit its alt text. This text will be shown when the image is missing or cannot be displayed. It is a good practice to have an alternative text associated with the image, for SEO purposes.

PRODUCT IMAGE SIZE RECOMMENDATION: We are recommend products be 1000 x 794. The size limit for product images is 5 MB

Pricing / Inventory




This tab allows you to manage product options and option variations for the product.

Product options appear on the product details page on the storefront. Depending on the type of an option, customers either select one of the option variants or provide their own variant. 

Shipping Properties

This tab contains a number of product properties that are important for automatic shipping cost calculation.

If you don’t specify box dimensions, values will be taken from the shipping method. Box-related properties are required for a more accurate shipping cost estimation when a real-time shipping method supports multi-box shipping (USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL).

Quantity Discounts

This tab contains the list of bulk prices for the product. Customers will see those discounts on the product page. Prices apply depending on the number of items of this product in the cart.

Files to Sell

This tab contains a list of files that are associated with this downloadable product.

Each file has the following properties: