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Options & Variations

To see a sample of product options go to this test product on goimagine here: https://goimagine.com/sample-en

NOTE ON "GLOBAL" OPTIONS: When you create a new option it automatically can be used on other products. This makes it easy to assign an option to many products at once and save you time from having to create the same option over and over.

It's important to know that if you use an option across multiple products and you change details on that option it will change the option on all products connected to that option. Also, if you CLONE a product any options from the original product will remain linked to the new product. So, if you edit the option on the cloned product it will also change the option on the original product.

To select an existing global option on to a new product simply type in the search box to find the option.

Options have the following details:

Variants on Options

Options for the Drop Down Box or Check box option types have variants that a customer can choose from. Option variants can be configured by clicking ADD VARIANT and have the following properties: