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Bulk Edit Products

In goimagine there is the ability to bulk edit products in the "legacy dashboard". Our plans are to build this feature into our new dashboard, but for the time being the below instructions will show you how to log into the older dashboard to bulk edit your products.

1) Navigate to the older dashboard by going to the top right corner of your seller dashboard and click "Legacy Dashboard". Then log in with the same user credentials you use for goimagine.

2) After logging in hover over "Products" and click "Products:

3) Once in your Product Catalog you can multi-select the products you want to bulk edit...or "Select All"

4) After selecting the products you want to edit click "Edit Selected"

Alternately, you can bulk edit the product status by choosing "Status". 

5) You now have the ablility to select which fields you want to "Bulk Edit:

6) You can now either update all selected products with a new/same value or quickly go down all the selected products to update them manually.