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Selling Digital Files

  1. Open the Files to sell tab on the product editing page.
  2. Add the files that you want to sell. Files can be grouped by folders.
  3. The additional properties are available for digital products on the General tab in the Extra section:
    • o   Downloadable—this checkbox is checked automatically after the file is added to the product.
    • o   Enable shipping for downloadable products—if this checkbox is ticked, shipping costs will be calculated for this downloadable product just like for normal products.
    • o   Time-unlimited download—if this checkbox is ticked, the product download period never expires.

The digital product has been created. Create a test order and check the result.

Once a digital product is purchased:

  1. An email with the download link is sent to the customer.
  2. The download link will become available on the order details page of the customer’s account.

A link to download the product in the order details.

All the purchased digital products will be available to the customer on the Downloads page of the customer’s account.

In the seller dashboard, orders with downloadable products will appear on a new tab called Downloads. There administrators can approve the download, prolong the download availability period, and check the number of downloads left.